Sided turns listeners into loyalists by rewarding them for
participation in on-air and between show programming


Bring listeners back from social networks with program-relevant questions while you connect advertisers with opt-in audiences.

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Tie contests and on-air opportunities to status increasing Time Spent Listening and rewarding users for quality interactions.

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Leverage audience demographic, behavioral and opinion data from digital interactions to influence programming and increase ad sales.

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A Social Network for You & Your Fans

We provide your fans and followers a “gamified” social network experience that allows them to interact with your real-time and scheduled questions to gain status and earn rewards—from on air time to partner aligned incentives.

  • Structured, program-focused conversations
  • Engagement questions to drive productive discussion and debate
  • Points for participation to build status in a category or program wide
  • Promotions and contests to reward audiences for engagement

Engagement Analytics & Attribution

Use the question and audience analysis dashboard to see what questions engage your audience. Use insights to improve question content and question timing while leveraging engagement insights on to influence show programming and ad sales dialogs.

For advertisers, prove the impact of radio spend by showing the impression counts and question engagement for every placement they make—and finally answer the illusive attribution question.

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Unlike social networks, you manage the conversation and your fans get credit for engaging.

Get Sided for Your Show or Station

Provide a unique social engagement platform for audience engagement for on air personalities in real-time and syndicated programming in any category or day-part. Aggregate the results to increase the value of your station in the eyes of your advertiser.

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Testimonial client
It's the eternal struggle between these two principles—right and wrong—throughout the world. They are the two principles that have stood face-to-face from the beginning of time
Abraham Lincoln
Testimonial client
Nobody is going to ever get tired of arguing politics or sports! It's like saying comedy is going to go away. Nobody will ever stop wanting to laugh or make people laugh.
Colin Cowherd
Testimonial client
Radio personalities, traditional media companies, and influencers are all searching to monetize their social media. Sided may be the answer.
Ross Levinsohn

Join Our Limited Beta as a Fan

As a listener, participate in debates and discussion between fans, enthusiasts, and the on-air personalities of the radio programs you listen to. Earn status and opportunities for rewards and even time on the radio.

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