The Only All-in-One Fan Manager Built for On-Air Personalities

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A Social Network for You & Your Fans

We provide your fans and followers a “gamified” social network experience that allows them to interact with your real-time and scheduled questions to gain status and earn rewards—from on air time to partner aligned incentives.

  • Structured, program-focused conversations
  • Engagement questions to drive productive discussion and debate
  • Points for participation to build status in a category or program wide
  • Promotions and contests to reward audiences for engagement
Real-time Analytics
Social Media Integrated
Cross Browser Compatible
Dedicated Support
Fan Friendly
Loyalty Based
Sponsor Ready
Ad Supported

Want to experience a new social engagement? Join Our Limited Beta

As a listener, participate in debates and discussion between fans, enthusiasts, and the on-air personalities of the radio programs you listen to. Earn status and opportunities for rewards and even time on the radio.

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