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We provide radio personalities and their teams the tools and strategies to centralize, organize, monetize and reward fan and follower discussion—and prove attribution.


Take back your followers from pay-to-play social networks and build a deeper understanding of their preferences. From program feedback to advertiser alignment, leverage real audience profiles instead of occluded segments to make creative and sales decisions.

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Engage audiences in current and planned show content with real-time and scheduled engagement questions. Let audiences build status through frequency and topic mastery and reward those engagements through contests and on-air opportunities.

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Keep Radio and TV in the ad mix by proving that listeners are listening. Beyond people meters and ratings, action-provoking, ad supported debate questions allow stations to monetize social exchange and prove the value of the channel through audience attribution

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Engagement Tools for Next Gen Radio

We provide your fans and followers a “gamified” social network experience that allows them to interact with your real-time and schedule questions to gain status and earn rewards—from on air time to partner aligned incentives.

  • Regain control of your audience by converting them back into your own social space
  • Dictate the content and improve the conversation on-air and online
  • Create 24/7 off-air engagement by publishing questions through out the day
  • Make money via digital platform ad sales
  • Reward your listeners with loyalty-based, advertiser-aligned promotions
  • Find thought leaders in your audience to engage in your programming

Produce & Manage Social Question Library

Complete the viewer/listener experience. Stay with them throughout their content cycle. With our easy question production and publishing platform, producers and personalities can schedule questions to engage audiences before, during, and after planned content.

Tie question content into your social promotion processes with social-ready URLs and easy-to-import social post to capture and convert your broad social network to known, loyal, engaged followers.

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Experience Sided as a Listener

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Promote your ideas and your partners with a robust, measurable, professional profile


Platfrom Independent and Flexible

With a responsive mobile web platform build from fully addressable question URLs, any user on any device can discover and engage with your questions, build up points, and become a loyal participant.

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Testimonial client
It is the eternal struggle between these two principles - right and wrong - throughout the world. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time.
Abraham Lincoln
Testimonial client
Nobody is going to ever get tired of arguing politics or sports! It's like saying comedy is going to go away. Nobody will ever stop wanting to laugh or make people laugh.
Colin Cowherd
Testimonial client
Radio personalities, traditional media companies, and influencers are all searching to monetize their social media. Sided may be the answer.
Ross Levinsohn

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Tie contests and on-air opportunities to status—increasing Time Spent Listening and rewarding users for quality interactions

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